with The E2Economist (CJVE, The Mandalorian)

May 5th 2022

To see you invested in X-Topia megacity sure makes us curious about what value you see in X-Topia Megacity. What would land on an Island on the western coasts of Africa add to you CJ. Most people started buying land in multiple Megacities for different reasons. Some for the opportunity to buy at a cheaper price and then sell at a later stage for-profit whereas others bought land to secure their presence in a promise of tomorrow.

When you bought land in X-Topia, how did you envision the Megacity to be one day?
X-topia was among the first MegaCities I invested in. Mostly due to the very early creation/ establishment of the city. I saw that the city seemed very structured with infrastructure and in a country that had a great tile price combined with an amazing location. I did not have the vision clear for me what X-Topia could be but I highly encourage entrepreneurship and drive; Hence, I wanted to support the founder(s) to invest in it.

We can see you are heavily invested in infrastructure surrounding a 750 tile property, was that a random layout or is there a reason or goal behind it?
The main purpose was to support the founder(s) with additional infrastructure to make more investors find it attractive. Guiding them to nice squared plots encouraging the growth of properties. The 750 was purchased as a strategic “portal” entry place into X-Topia but without any further vision. At the time I purchased several 750 “portals” in various Megacities aiming to create a “portal” business in the future. Though, I had no Idea how much Earth2 would expand and it became impossible, capital wise, to follow that strategy. As time goes I think ideas about the 750 will form and most likely also be discussed and aligned with the founder(s) in order to not violate their idea of their MegaCity. It is their to support the MegaCity in ways it can and not ruin it.

What are the elements that you think are vital for the creation and sustainability of E2 Community Megacity?
A Clear vision that may be niched. Creating a uniqueness of the place. A community wants to follow a vision they can dream about, long to and invest in. Much like Earth2 is doing as a whole. It is always good to be somewhat active about new interesting ideas and content of the MegaCity, makes it feel less inactive or worse, dead. But it can always be revived, though good to ride on the momentum than to revive, takes less energy. The founder(s) are leaders and it is important to show leadership. What type of leadership is up to the founder(s) and it will result in various types of people to follow. Though present (hopefully benign) leadership is key.

How did your views change over the course of a year being invested in X-Topia?
Not much. I am one of those that know the challenge for a startup company to succeed and also quickly put Earth2 in the right perspective with the right expectations instead of being carried away and demanding the “world” from them. I think Earth2 has progressed as expected, if not more, which is amazing! We are on the start of an exponential curve “rocket” about to take off and it is amazing to sit down in it, buckle up and eat popcorn.

Does Investing in Megacities provide added value besides the Tile price evaluation?
DEFINITELY! I believe clustered properties, by one or many investors, will be a key factor in determining the attractiveness of the tiles. The larger “clusters” (MegaCities) the better. When Game developing will gain speed and various game studios need land to establish their games they may contact X-Topia asking if they can set up their new game there renting our tiles. Much like a Universal Studio “film set” where the studio is used for one movie for a while then swapped out to be used for another. Tiles may be in a similar way where we rent out tiles for one game in X years and then rent it out to another. This is only one example why the cluster effect is important. Though, we may have to remember that when the governance token (DAO) is implemented and it will be possible to vote and make consensus decisions for e.g. a MegaCity as a whole it will be important what the “voters” or “governors” want to do with the MegaCity. They could block gaming and renting out tiles to games as the vision is something else. Hence the vision of the large “cluster” of properties will be important to understand what “my” options may be for my tiles.

Would you like to share with us any broad project goals for your land?
Not at this moment, ideas will be forming as we go along.

What would be a great way to appeal to the gamer community in the future since we don't have any gameplay elements as of yet and how you see E2 performance as a company over the past year regarding being on the hate list of most big YouTube Critics.

Starting with the last question. As mentioned above. Small start-up company. Themselves did not even have the idea how large this would be when they launched with like 4 people. It is important to be a realist and have the expectations right no matter how much money invested in Earth2. I think they have done an excellent job in following their vision and working on the success of their idea. Earth2 has of course made a bunch of rookie mistakes in various areas ranging from: Communication, Deploying features and PR etc etc. But they will learn. I believe we do not need to do much right now. Several games are in development for E2 and will probably work kind of like PoC (Proof of Concepts) / Pilots to spur more gamers to join and game developers. Thinking about D.R.O.N.E. and S.Y.F.O. etc that ex Earth2 members are working on. When Earth2 is ready they will make sure Gamers and Game developers know and that will trigger another wave of new people into Earth2.

What value does CJ bring to X-Topia and what value are you looking for X-Topia to bring in return.
A difficult question. I have a tone of knowledge about Earth2 and could bring this into a Megacity. Since E2 has been talking about DAOs and a type of governance token with a voting system, all from guild levels to large cities, I might be a good asset as a "financial advisor". This in relation to questions how MegaCity owners would like their city to develop. Various discussions about the city's value offering, potential audience and return of that strategy. What I will construct in X-topia is not yet decided at all. Blank paper. But whatever that may be it will always try to keep in mind the purpose of the city and align with its values as best as possible.

What I hope to see in return is being a part of a great journey seeing a megacity rise and shine. Full of energy and engaging people, a real buzz! Seeing the city succeed would be amazing and loved by the masses.